Sunday, April 5, 2015

Why don'y employers call you back after the job interview

I hear it all too often, the big question, “why don’t Companies call you back after an interview? They said that they would let me know one way or the other”.

Does this sound familiar to you? We hear it almost daily. More and more firms these days are not contacting candidates to advise they didn’t get the job.
You leave feeling great and think you aced the interview and then….it’s been a week and you still have no call. Your thinking wow is that rude or what!

Recently there was a survey done in the USA that of those that were interviewed and not contacted one way or another said they would not speak highly of the company. Those same people said if they even received a rejection letter that would be better than hanging on to a thread of hope.

Companies are not getting back to people any more, why can’t you contact them? You should, at the very least, ask for a business card form the person(s) that interviewed you. That will give you their email address and you should have already thanked them for their time and the chance for you to expand on your qualifications. That is a common best practise now and in my opinion, expected. It tells the interviewer a lot about the person that they just spent time with and even considering for a position within the firm. It is not a deal breaker though.
I do not think it is about the interviewer doesn’t want to connect with the people that they considered and interviewed, it is that they just do not have the time. It takes time to review the resume, do a phone call screening and then the interview time. If you add it all up, that might equal a total of about 3 hours or more.
When there is time spend in recruitment and selection, unknown procedures to the general public are things that the candidate really is not privy to nor are they really going to care what the company procedures or time spend are.
It is one thing to be in a job and looking for a better opportunity, but when you’re out of work and you have bills to pay, this is not relevant to that particular circumstance.

So how do you avoid the “dangling by a string” position? One way is to do a courtesy email, letter or even a call to thank the person for their time and let them know that you look forward to hearing from them soon. The reasons for this are simple; if you’re on their mind, chances are they are going to remember you in a positive way as the candidate that was proactive. This is one way to just remain fresh in the interviewers mind. If they are a good interviewer, they will make notes on your resume or even print this correspondence and attach it to your resume in order to refer to it and clear out their mail box.

So when you’re going for that job you really really want, keep the following in mind: what 5 questions do I want to ask or know about the company, remember your research on the company and mention this when applicable in order to show you have done your due diligence and researched the firm. Smile while in the interview, give a firm hand shake and above all else dress for success!

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