Sunday, April 5, 2015

How to Look Good with Affordable Accessories

When traveling you should have faux pearls and CZs for that classic and sporty look. Costume jewelry is good beyond vacation and is often layered with real stuff.
so every woman’s wardrobe of travel jewelry needs some good fakes like faux pearls, CZs, and other modern classics. Costume jewelry is perfect for trips because, though it’s not inexpensive, it’s cheap compared to the real deal.
Classic outfits
Jewellery of all kinds can be sorted into three types:
  • Classic preppy: choose orderly symmetrical styles to tart up tailored suits or embellish traditional sporty costumes like nautical cruise wear, horsey English riding, and tennis whites
  • Boho: Bohemian jewelry should have a handmade appearance and is truly perfect if it is a heavy focus piece with an organic, one-of-a-kind, sensuous appeal.
  • Evening: Dressy nights need high-impact showstoppers that are meant to brighten up dark rooms
Of course, there is a lot of crossover, and most women don’t really sort accessories into categories, but ladies can use these grouping to help them pack.

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