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Our Digestive Health related problems are often overlooked; we accept them as another unpleasant thing to endure.
Our Digestive system does the most important function in our body. What goes in has to come out. In the meantime, there is some supporting action – nutrient absorption – goes on.  We have to pay attention to what we eat and drink and make sure that our body absorbs the nutrients, and that the waste (toxins) is eliminated from our body.
Nutrients are important to keep our body functioning; to maintain strong immune function, energy, vibrant skin, proper weight, mental health etc.
We have to see the link between Digestive Health and Wellness. We have to pay more attention on Quality Food Intake, Absorption of Nutrients, Toxin Control – periodic cleansing and Elimination.
Our kitchen should be filled with Quality, Whole Foods. We should buy organic, local fruits and vegetables and avoid processed, canned and packaged foods. If it is unavoidable – reading the labels is important.
Here I will share some interesting thoughts about whole food and choosing different varieties of fruits and vegetables. Always try something new. Fruits and vegetables have different shapes and colours. All of them have different energies, different nutrients to supply our bodies with the needed vitamins, minerals and trace minerals.
One could ask “why are the colors and shapes important in fruits?”  We can get some answers if we observe Nature.  Fruits and vegetables have certain patterns that resemble the organs of our body.  We might say that our organs can benefit from the nourishing properties of the fruits and vegetables they resemble.

Foods                                                  Our Body Organ

Walnut                                                Brain
Ginger                                                 Stomach
Grapes                                               Lungs
Avocado                                             Womb
Carrots –cross section                         Eye
Celery                                                 Bone
Olives                                                  Ovaries
Sweet Potato                                       Pancreas
Go into your Kitchen and experience this interesting comparison.
We might already have some Digestive Health issues; sometimes we don’t know why it gets worse and harder for us to handle.
There are certain foods that don’t agree with us because we don’t have the necessary enzymes to digest the food. We can avoid these foods, or we can take some enzymes to help us.
Some foods should be avoided all together even if we don’t have any digestive problems. By avoiding these foods, we can support our Digestive Health.
To Avoid                               
Food Types                Discomfort                             Digestive Health Challenges

Fried Foods                Un-healthy, pale stools              Acid Reflex, Heartburn, IBS
Foods with high          Hard to digest                            IBS, Heartburn
Fat content                 
Dairy                          Gas, bloating, cramps              Crown’s disease
Alcohol                       Stomach inflammation              Acid Reflex, Heartburn
Some foods we should consume with moderation (four day rotation diet) – avoiding these foods have some benefits to help our Digestive Health.

Berries                       Tiny seeds can be a problem       Diverticulitis, 
Coffee / Tea                Over-relax the esophageal            Gastroexophageal Reflex disease
                                 sphincter, Diuretics,                    (GERD)                 
Corn                           Cellulose – hard to digest           Lack of enzyme
                                  Gas, abdominal pain                                                                                       
the Milk in it               Constipation, cramping,          IBS, Chronic Constipation

After we have a grasp on healthy eating, we have to consider proper hydration; and develop our knowledge about right amount of calories; sufficient fiber, protein and carbohydrates;  combining our foods to maintain our Digestive Health with optimum level of vitamins, minerals and trace minerals.
We are focusing on good nutrition, which is very important to our Digestive Health. The next step we have to maintain is proper elimination.
Elimination of toxins are very important. As we are keeping busy in our mind and body, there is not enough time to pay maximum attention to our Digestive Health and we might need some support of additional Vitamins, Minerals and Trace Minerals.
We might benefit from a 21 day Herbal Cleansing Program; products that soothe and improve digestion.

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