Sunday, April 5, 2015

Job Interview tips and tricks

All too often we are asked, “What did I do wrong in the interview?" What could or should I be doing different? Is there really a way to interview and come out on top of the consideration pile?”
To answer these and other recurring questions, YES you have done something wrong within the interview, or you would not keep wondering about it, Yes I am sure there are things that could be improved upon as no one is perfect! YES there really is a way to be a great interviewee.
Let’s tackle these concerns. To someone that is new to the recruiting field, they will not notice that your nervous and not watching your body language that is maybe saying one thing while you’re telling the interviewer something different. It is also possible that the person conducting the interview is also nervous and not noticing that you’re talking with your hands and it is not sign language.
So here is a short check list that will help you at your next interview: do you have enough copies of your resume to give the interviewer and many a panel of others sitting in on the interview, are you and your clothes clean and unwrinkled, make sure you do not put any more than a dab of cologne or perfume, none is preferred. Do you have something to write on with a writing tool such as a pad of paper and a pen? Pencils break and will show you’re nervous, so bring a pen and do NOT chew on it. Do you have 3 questions to ask the interviewer and with that comes, have you researched this company and maybe the person you’re interviewing with? Arrive at least 5 minutes early, as they say the early bird gets the worm. Calling a head to see what the dress attire is for the place you will be working is a good idea, when in doubt wear a suit or if you do not have one, pants/skirt with a dress shirt and a blazer with nice shoes will be fine as well.
 When you’re on your way to the interview, if you usually smoke…DO NOT SMOKE anything or drink anything, other than water and ensure you have had a good meal or snack before you go. You do not want your stomach making strange noises while in the interview. Nothing too heavy as you don’t want to be sick either. If you’re asked if you would like a beverage, water is fine thank you, should be your reply. Even if you only take one sip of the water, it shows confidence. Sit up with good posture and pay attention to the interviewer, if you’re not clear on a question, ask them to repeat it. Sitting there with a silly look on your face or providing the wrong answer will not go over well. When you ask them to repeat the question, it shows that when you’re unclear on something asked of you, you will ask questions in order to get the job done properly the first time. Attention to detail is a good thing.
 So in conclusion, in order to be prepared, take a few moments to review the above suggestions and do a check list for yourself. It never hurts to do a drive test as well, then you will not be late or lost when you’re going to the interview.
I hope that this has helped and should you need further help in preparing for interviews, contact The Staff Room to ask about the interview services we offer.

Good Luck all!

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