Sunday, April 5, 2015

How to Get a Brazilian Wax

For those who want to know more about the history of Brazilian waxing ( also known as Brazilian bikini waxing) it was first brought to the attention of the world in  New York in 1987 by 7 Brazilian-born sisters. Almost every person to date who gets the best Brazilian waxing services in anywhere in the world is thankful to them, as it remains the most sought after type of  hair removal method in the rest of the modern world.
Certain distinguishes should be made that Brazilian waxing is different from what most women get to clean up the bikini and that is known as bikini waxing. In Brazilian waxing, as the saying goes, it goes all out! In Brazilian waxing your hair in the area associated with it gets removed in the front, on the back and everything and anything in between. 
However since Brazilian waxing is done for both beauty and hygiene, for below the waistline area, some women like to leave a V shape or a narrow stripe for making it look more appeasing. But that is a choice and it is still considered to have gotten a Brazilian waxing.  
Brazilian wax by definition means Everything Off except for the area in the front that you may want to have a narrow landing strip or a V-shaped area left untouched. That also means the hair between the buttocks will also be removed.

The reason you will get the best Brazilian waxing is that they make it easy and less painful. The whole procedure will take less than 30 minutes and this is how they do the Brazilian wax;
They will place you in a very clean and comfortable private room and will provide you with a paper thong if you require it. Then your pubic hair is gently trimmed to a length for the wax to grab on to. You may already have done this yourself at home. In that case additional trimming of the pubic hair for getting a Brazilian wax is not required. But keep in mind that if the hair is too short and the wax cannot grab on you will be asked to come back. Therefore it is advisable that in order to get the best Brazilian waxing that you leave it up to their knowledgeable staff to do the trimming. There have been some concerns that wax may stick to the skin and cause rashes and irritations. This is always avoided by applying conventional powders such as a Talcum powder to avoid irritations and sticking of the wax to the skin. You want the best Brazilian waxers in because it means less pain and irritations for the clients.
There are 4 steps to hair removal for Brazilian waxing:
1-      A wooden waxing stick gets dipped into a container of hot wax.
2-      It is then spread it onto the skin and hair that is left behind after trimming.
3-      A cloth strip then gets applied over the wax, so that by pressing the cloth, your  hair and wax get stuck to each other.
4-      After the wax has cooled down sufficiently, the strip gets pulled off, in the opposite direction of the hair growth, pulling the hairs out by the root. Ouch!
In order to make getting a Brazilian wax less painful, you can ask your technician to apply strips to smaller areas.
And Voila, you have now received the best Brazilian wax in that you can tell others about it or show it yo them 

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