Sunday, April 5, 2015

How to Turn Your Digital Pictures into Memory Book In Print?

Photo books are back in style, big time! Bookit! is encouraging this trend. Why? Because we believe that your photos deserve more. More attention, more views, and more interest - your photos deserve a photo book! A photo book that has a distinguished and prominent place on a bookshelf, beckoning to be opened by anyone and everyone, and offering us a glimpse at the wonderful experiences we've had.
We have a great life and we document it with photos all the time. The time has come to save these memories in a beautiful and unique photo book!
Our world has become super fast-paced and overloaded with information from every direction – the Internet, blogs, Facebook, and TV of course. This fast pace and mélange of information accumulating in our brain often leaves us longing to return to simplicity, family, the formative events of our lives. To feel these same simple and special emotions, the events that shape our lives, those that we remember and want to remember. Which is exactly what photo books are here for.
In order to capture these moments, we take a lot of photos, with our smartphones, with our digital cameras, and sometimes we even hire a professional photographer. At best, these pictures are viewed by our Facebook friends, but only briefly,because we are always moving on to the next thing that catches our eye. This is not what perusing a photo book is about. Looking through a photo book is a slow and lengthy process where you savor the moment and go back in time to those same precious moments, leaving you with a smile on your face. Photo books store not only our photos but also our feelings at the time the photos were taken.
Nowadays, there are so many photo book programs offered online. The process is simple and anyone with a bit of technical know how can install the program on his computer and compile his own photo book. So what’s the problem?
The problem starts with our priorities in life. We work, raise a family, run endless errands, and are constantly rushing from place to place and when we eventually get home at the end of the day, we are too tired to deal with our photos, never mind compile a photo book. Those that want to make a photo book are already put off from the start because of all the photos that they have to rummage through and choose from, and how on Earth do you start picking and choosing which pictures to include in the book? After all, most of us have hundreds and even thousands of photos! So, the photo book project is postponed once again. Everyone wants it but no one has the time to do it!
Bookit! was created specifically to fill this niche. Because you have no time, we will compile your photo books for you!We know you want it, but you don’t know where to start! And if you’ve already chosen your photos, then you don’t know what to do next and it takes you a long time, because it really does take a fair amount of time to compile a photo book!
Doing it at the end of a day when you are tired and not in the mood is disrespecting your photos! They deserve close and personal attention. Your photobook deserves maximal attention, talent, creativity, and the joy of creation – we know that not everyone has it at the end of the day, but we do!
This is what we do! We take your photos, choose the best and most important ones and compile them in a photo book. With the right text and your own personal words and touch, we bring your experiences back to life. We give you a gift: your most important memories packaged in a book that will always feature on your bookshelf but most importantly, in your heart.And do you want to know something else? Your extended family will be thrilled to get your photo book as well!

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