Sunday, April 5, 2015

How Important Is Weight Management?

Each day, do you aim to feel better, to make your life more enjoyable?  More awareness of a balanced diet, combined with sufficient water intake and exercise, might be the vehicle of a good physical and mental health. They are all part of a good weight loss management.
Study has shown that North Americans are unhealthier than ever. Lack of good nutrition, pollution, stress and different other factors continue to increase the risks of a variety of illnesses and obesity.  Although this information is disturbing, there is hope by controlling your diet and finding the right activity level you can improve your immediate and future health. You just need the right information and the desire to put it into action for the ultimate weight loss.
Improving your state of wellness is a step-by-step process.  We invite you to read about the first of our 12 suggestions to achieve optimum wellness.
Let us start with Balancing Your Diet. The price you are paying by following a poor diet might include:
1. Weakened immune system, leading to more frequent infections.
2.  Weakened muscles and poor skin tone, leading to premature aging.
3.  Osteoporosis or weak bones.
Regardless of your present state of health, gaining some knowledge and applying it to good Nutrition, the power of Protein, the greatness of Grains, good quality Dairy Products, Good and Bad Fats, and benefits of Plant Nutrition might make a big difference in your overall health.
Good, balanced Diet equals Prevention. Science has brought us important insights into what goes into a healthy diet:
1. Getting protein from soy, lean meats and fish is important to control our appetite and to nourish and protect our muscles.
2.  Colorful fruits and vegetables provide unique plant nutrients and antioxidants that protect the health of most important organs in our body.
3.  Fiber from fruits, vegetables and some whole grains is important to maintain balanced intestinal function and to clear toxins from our body.
4.  Healthy fish-oil fats from ocean-caught fish help to rebalance the good and bad fats in our diet.

Your first session addresses Meal Planning; Snacking; Water --- to maintain a balanced body.
Meal Planning: You need to plan Your Protein, Carbohydrate, and Calorie intake
Snacking: You have to check your snacking habits. Learn about preventing “snack attacks” - chose your snacks wisely.
Water: How important is staying hydrated? How much water your body needs per day?
If it is important to you to find answers to these dietary questions, join us at our 12 Weight Loss / Wellness Challenge Webinar Sessions, presented to you on Tuesdays at 8PM EST. To join our sessions you can register at or at ---- Joining these sessions is FREE, when you register through our website. (Note: the fee of $35. will be waived)
Look forward to our next blog about Metabolism: Truths and Myths

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