Sunday, April 5, 2015

Roll up the Rim - Leave No Rim Unrolled

Once a year Tim Hortons will have the contest of Roll up the Rim and my son, like many others goes crazy about it. We are the living proof that the sale of coffee and other hot beverages at Tim Hortons goes up during that time period. We are among the many who contribute to it.
Now, every morning the questions are: “Daddy, have you had your coffee today at Tim Hortons” or “Can I please have a hot chocolate at Tim’s so I can roll up the rim?” During the contest, those additional cups of coffee from Tim Hortons will have the pleasure of getting their rims rolled up, revealing a price under them and making someone very happy, or for the very enthused ones who are not giving up easily when they get to “Play Again.”
 Although we have come to know, at a considerable cost, that 1 in 6 cups is not a winner, (unlike what Tim Hortons claims), but we also don’t give up easily and we continue to roll those rims up, and tell others to make sure to “roll up the rim” because you never know what price might be hiding under there.
My son is so into it that he even keeps a sharp eye on the road and sidewalks, scouting those red cups from Tim Hortons, whose rims have not been rolled up, and in our disbelief there are people who actually never rolled up their rims. So what do we do? We go to the rescue of the lonely cup as we believe no rim should be left unrolled. In so doing, we have come to actually winning a few free hot drinks and doughnuts by rolling up those unrolled rims. Now, for someone like me who has a borderline germ phobia, it takes a great deal of courage to pick up those cups and roll up their rim. But you will never know what prize might be hiding under those rims.
As Luck would have it, my son recently won a $100 gift card from Tim Hortons roll up the rim contests after drinking his hot chocolate that we got from Promenade Mall in Thornhill, on the first day of spring 2013. He had not gone to school on that day and had stayed home to celebrate the Persian New Year. One of the signs and significant of the Persian New year is the sign of prosperity in the New Year. And prosperous he was when he yelled from the back seat, “Daddy I won.” At first I thought he was joking, but then he again said, “No, I really Won Daddy.” His cousin was in the car and the 3 of us screamed with joy as my 10 year old son was the winner of $100 Tim Hortons gift card of their roll up the rim 2013 contest. Oh how joyous was that moment for him.
The roll up the rim seems to then become a contagious thing in our family. Only 2 days after that, my brother in law won a BBQ from Tim Hortons after he rolled up his rim and under it, it revealed that he was a winner.
The point I am trying to make here is that, even if 1 in 6 cups is not a winner, but it is very possible that every cup can potentially be a winner. So, the next time you drink your hot beverage from Tim Hortons, make sure to roll up the rim, or if your cup with its rim not rolled is found by us on the road ( as there are those who litter) then we might scream when we become a winner of big prize, like a car or even a free coffee.

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