Sunday, April 5, 2015

How to Make Unique & Fun Party Invitations

By Kate Howes,
One of the things that I really am passionate about as a graphic designer/art director, is invitations. I love to find and design new invites for my kids or friends parties. Here are a few cool ideas that I found when looking to write this blog.
1. VIP Lanyard Pass Invite
This is an idea that was brought to me by a friend of mine, she asked me to make her a Hannah Montana VIP pass for her daughter's birthday. They turned out so cute and each girl was asked to wear it to the party. Whether your birthday party theme is roller skating, movie night or a cupcake theme, VIP passes could be the way to go.

 2. Cooking Party Invite
spoon invite
I saw this one online and thought it was a great idea. Takes a bit of time but it is probably very inexpensive. This would be great as an invite for a cooking or baking party.

3. Ceral Box Invite For A Sleepover
 sleepover invite
My daughter came home with one of these invitations and thought it was the greatest thing, I googled it, looking for an image and found this great blog. The contact information and details were on one side and the custom spoon with the name of the guests on the other.

4. Sugar & Spice Birthday Invitation
sugar and spice party invite

This one is cute too, it was created for a first birthday party. The invitation information was put on a spice shaker and sent out is a small box. Not only do you get a cool invitation, you get a tasty treat as well. Win-win!

5. Hot Chocolate Party
Here’s an idea that would be awesome if your child were to host a hot chocolate, sledding or a campfire party. Send the hot chocolate cone mix with a sticker or tag on it with the party details. The link below has the instructions on how to make the hot chocolate cones. Remember, you can put your own spin on it, different colours, flavours of hot chocolate or candy treats.

I hope you enjoy these 5 creative ideas, all of which are fairly inexpensive and will make a big impression on your guests. Go wild, make your next party memorable right from the beginning! Please post anything cool that you have done, we would love to hear all about it.

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